1. PSA: Bros Don’t Let bros Make T Swift. Lip Dub Videos. 

    Thanks to Brendan for stepping in. 

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zw9Yq8sGBrs

    Anybody know of any good parties this weekend? I’d love to swing by! 

  4. New Episode of Sports & Stuff. 

  5. I made a sports show out of my bedroom because life’s going great! 

  6. Guy Attacked by Crazy Cheese Man (Obama Yankees LeBron Peyton Manning Funny Dancing Cats LOL Drake) 

  7. honest-letters:

    An honest version of Pharrell’s Happy. 

  8. A Sad Man recaps his week. 

  9. Some acting stuff I’ve done. 

  10. My Millionaire Matchmaker Application. I hope I get selected!